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I'm so excited you've stopped by! Check out some blogs I've written recently (see column to the right) and Follow me on Twitter @DebbieFarrPhD for helpful hints on how to enjoy your relationships, improve family cohesion, and encourage communication. Keep reading below to find out the focus for each daily tweet.

Dear Dr. Debbie is a Q&A for parents, in a "Dear Abbey" style for a local New Hampshire newspaper. Check out the latest issue (p. 13)!

Periodic tweets for the days of the week...Meaningful Mondays – Yes, there are meatless Mondays, motivational Mondays and even funny Mondays! But I’ll be tweeting about small things you can do that are meaningful for your family to help you start your week off right!

Thankful Tuesdays – Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in our week and forget what’s really important. Tuesday tweets to be thankful will help remind you!!

Wild & Wacky Wednesdays – OK, so wacky Wednesday already exists for many of us, but I’ve added the ‘wild’ to give you some freedom to do those crazy, silly things that are…..well, wild & wacky! The middle of the week is a great time to lighten things up a bit in your family ….. within reason of course!

Throwback Thursdays – This is already a phenomenon all its own, but I’ll offer a bit of a twist on this theme. Remembering special events, situations, behaviors or even conversations can be a way to build family cohesion and create stronger relationships.
Family Fun Fridays – Although this is probably self-explanatory and may already happen at your house, watch my tweets for some fun ideas for the whole family.
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My radio show!

Check out my appearance on a local radio show! I was mid-sentence when he snapped this picture, but you get the idea 🙂 Want to listen in? Check it out here!