Presentations and Trainings

Flourishing Families offers presentations and trainings to fit your organization's specific needs. Whether you have a small, personal group or a large staff requiring training, we can help. Sessions can be tailored for a "lunch and learn" series. Topics can be geared to your audience but typically include such topics as

    positive discipline
    positive discipline with humor
    parenting styles
    what to expect at different ages and stages
    sibling rivalry
    the early years
    home-school connection
    blended families
    single parenting
    media usage
    home alone
    strategies for creating family cohesion

..........and more!

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"I was so pleased to be in your training session at the NCPEN Spring Conference. You had an interesting topic, and you triggered some fond memories of how my Dad often used humor to de-escalate tense situations."

Randi Rubenstein, Executive Director-Education for Successful Parenting,

Survey question: In your professional opinion, what was the highlight of the 2015 Spring Forum?
“R.I.C.E.-Positive Discipline with a Dose of Humor”

conference participant